Magia Galaxy, LLC was founded in 2017 by two Miami based Latina women and moms:

Rosangela Mozo has a bachelor’s degree in production engineering, brings 15 years of experience in distribution chains and product marketing. Daniela Godigna has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, she brings 15 years of entrepreneurial and managing experience. Prior to founding Magia Galaxy, Daniela founded three tier businesses dedicated to food, recreation, import, retail sales and wholesale areas dedicated to kids.

Rosangela and Daniela, after becoming mothers, became passionate about toys and their learning potential, child curiosity, and development in early childhood.

They describe their philosophy:

“In our beginnings, we shared an article from Harvard University * 1, that states Ninety (90%) of the child brain develops before Kindergarten! That changed our way of thinking about early education, since it means that early playing will shape who they become. Conversations about the ideal toy and sharing quality time with our daughters took center stage. Magia Galaxy was born.”

Rosangela and Daniela went through a rigorous selection process regarding the quality and safety of the toys. They were inspired by time renowned classics, thus enhancing the designs by building into them improvements that were not visible at first glance. i.e., stackers of varying geometric shapes that further enhance children's fine motor skills, and at the same time, become a fun challenge to work on concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Rosangela and Daniela state: “It amuses us to think that these enhancements are generating millions of new neural connections in our children.”

1 Harvard University Center on the Developing Child. (2015). Center on the Developing Child (2007). The Science of Early Childhood Development (InBrief). https://developingchild.harvard.edu/resources/inbrief-science-of-ecd/